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Small-scale hydropower in Upper Austria

Upper Austria‘s economy is booming - the main reasons are various smaller and larger successful industrial enterprises and companies. The economical advance, however, also brings a higher energy demand with it, which is also covered by small-scale hydropower.

About 682 small-scale hydropower plants:

  • deliver approximately 710 million kWh of green electricity a year to the public power supply;
  • provide electricity for about 206,000 households; and
  • avoid about 500,000 tons of CO2 a year in comparison with the generation of electricity through fossil energy sources.

(Source: E-Control, “Kleinwasserkraft Österreich“.)

Upper Austria - the industrial county

Upper Austria is the federal county with the highest energy consumption. Increasing prices for energy and raw materials as well as fluctuations in the power market (oil, gas and coal markets) are being examined with particular concern. Therefore, hydropower is an ideal alternative to fossil energy sources. It obtaines about 60 percent of the Upper Austrian electricity production and contributes a valuable part to the beneficial economical development. The numerous small-scale hydropower plants cover approximately 7 percent of the Upper Austrian power requirement.

Hydraulic energy – the engine of regional economy

Hydropower stations are well accepted by the population and are deep-seated in the regional economy. Recently the Economic Chamber of Upper Austria emphasised the significant value of local small-scale hydropower plants. Above all, new construction as well as revitalisation and optimisation of small-scale hydropower plants result in high domestic value creation effects with positive consequences to the regional employment (turbine construction, building construction, subconstruction work, etc.).

Upper Austria‘s subsidies

Extension of the consultation campaign for small-scale hydropower plants

The goal of the consultation campaign is the increase of green electricity production through small-scale hydropower plants in Upper Austria. Operators are supported with the realisation of measures for increasing standard energy capacity and revitalising their facilities.


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